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Welcome to the Hardtseemafia’s webpage!

Swim, bike and run, for most of us, all three sports as one. Our favorite hobby, our passion.

Why “Hardtseemafia”?
Markus, Holger, Christian and Indi got to know each other via a social network . A couple of months later they met for a short training-camp prior to the Challenge-Kraichgau. Fun was to come in the fore and also the partners should still play the first role.
On Pentecost Sunday’s night in 2010, we were sitting down in chummy round and were chatting a lot about the race in Kraichgau, also about the Hardtsee, where the race’s swim would take place. We were loughing a lot, and as the night became older and the alcohol level was rising, Marianna came up with the name “Mafia”. Actually we wanted to hold the training-camp at the Hardtsee, but all places there were completely booked out. Even though Indi tried to find a place at the Hardtsee again and again, all his attempts were needless and we had to move to the Riedsee.
At this night on Pentecost Sunday we agreed that the Riedsee was just as good as the Hardtsee, where another training-camp should be held, with 50 Mafiosi and for a period of four days in the following year 2011. And here is the quote by Marianna (Italian) which got it all started:

“Guys, if we were members of the Mafia, we would have gotten a place at the Hardtsee!”
At this point the word “Hardtseemafia” was created, we said it again over the following days and at first we were laughed at every time we would tell about or write down the word.
Now it is December 20th in 2011, just 18 months after the Mafia was founded and we already have more than 100 members and every day we get new requests via our webpage (
www.hardtseemafia.de) or on facebook.

In the last blog you read the words “rising alcohol level” and who ever does think “oh my god!” or is scratching ones forehead at this time, should better just leave the group right now. It doesn’t mean that drinking alcohol is all we do, but there are days when we like to have a drink or a couple more, and so what?!
There are even worse ones who belong to us, let’s call them occasional smokers. Of course, this might not be the most beneficial discipline for triathlon, but all non-smokers amongst us show their respect for it anyways.
We don’t want any Mafiosi amongst us who adjudges somebody because of a bad habit, and this doesn’t only refer to smoking! People with one bad habit are nowhere near bad people in general and shouldn’t be foredoomed by anybody.
If you should be a person, no matter man or woman, who only shouts out loudly how good he or she is, which times you have reached and how bad other team-members perform and if you even discriminate others, you will be eliminated, Mafia-style!

Hardtseemafia isn’t about who is the fastest or the best athlete, but the faster ones help the others to become better!
Amongst the Mafiosi we have athletes who run a marathon in sub 2:40 hours, who bike 112 miles faster than 4:30 hours and swim 2.4 miles in not even 55 minutes and others might need twice as long to complete these distances. Here everybody is just worth as much as anybody else.
Our goal with this group was to come together with other people who think alike and to reach a national awareness level which goes beyond regional popularity. We have reached this goal.
Non-athletes can become a Mafioso, just as well. You only need show your enthusiasm for our sport. By now we have so many supporters following our team. They stand by our side, carrying drums, huge bells, megaphones, everything that makes lots of noise. And every time they put a smile on any athletes face, no matter if he or she belongs to our group or not.

The Hardtseemafia is just the best for any nice person, who doesn’t belong to a club, but who is still looking for some kind of attachment.
Mafiosi on our athletes-list profit from our sponsors! More than half of the Mafiosi on our list still have a home-club. They do only start for the Hardtseemafia, if they don’t start for their club in a league-competition. In other words, you can also become a Mafioso, if you also belong to another club.
Our colors are black and yellow, with our eye-catching competition-apparel you will find your way on a lot of pictures during your races. Our supporters will take photos of everybody moving around in black and yellow.
You may become a Mafioso, If you are not arrogant and no Babbitt, if you are tolerant and to discredit somebody doesn’t belong to your word pool and if you can agree with being a member of the awfully nicest family in German triathlon.

If you compete on sprint-, Olympic-, 70.3-, long- or ultra-distance doesn’t matter. If you can only do one discipline, we will also compete in relays. Never did a triathlon? We will encourage you to do so!
Main race and Hardtseemafia-championship is the Challenge Kraichgau, in which we competed with 50 athletes in 2011. A lot of us meet again at the Challenge Roth five weeks later.